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The Queen of Rougelanders
The Lion King IV: Zira's Revenge, The Lion King V: Scar's Kingdom
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Scar (mate)
Nuka (son)
Vitani (adopted daughter)
Kovu (son)
Zira is the mother of Kovu and Nuka and the main antagonist of The Lion King IV: Zira's Revenge.



Zira is opportunistic, cynical, and imposing, letting her emotions control her constantly, which usually leads her launching into venomous rants and invective. She seems to be patient, as she was willing to wait until Kovu became a young adult before putting her plans into motion. However, she generally shows little affection even for her children unless they are of use to her, and is willing to abandon or even kill them if they will not follow her path of vengeance. However, despite her strengths, she suffers the same downfall as Scar; her hatred blinds her, thus destroys her in the end. Zira does seem to care for her family and for her Pride, despite her vindictive nature, showing depression when Nuka dies, and pride when Nuka and Vitani say or do things appeal to her plan. Although Zira hated Simba completely, her interactions with the rest of the pride were comparatively neutral, which is especially evident in her introduction: When Simba and Zira encounter each other when the latter attempted to ambush Kiara, after indentifying Simba in a tone that obviously implied that she was excited at the oppurtunity at exact revenge, she saw the rest of the pride, Timon and Pumbaa arrive with Simba and indentified Nala in curt tone.

Shortly before the end of The Lion King, Zira was Scar's most devoted of his followers, revering him with a fanatic-worshipping devotion and praising his very name, however after Simba returned, Zira and her followers were exiled for their continued loyalty to Scar. After that, Zira held Simba responsible for Scar's death (unaware or ingoring the fact that it was the hyenas who killed her master) and plotted to both avenge Scar and take back the throne, using Kovu as a puppet ruler. Zira and her followers became known as Outsiders.


She is a lioness with dark coloration. Her fur is grayish tan with a cream muzzle, underbelly and paws. She has red eyes, black eyebrows, dark brown upper eye patches and eyelids and white under patches, a black, pointy triangular nose, one notched ear (the history of which is never revealed) and a dark stripe down the center of her head.


The Lion King IV: Zira's Revenge

The Lion King V: Scar's Kingdom

The Lion King: The Adventure, Journey And Life In The Pridelands

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  • It was originally planned for Zira to deliberately let go of the cliff rather than simply reject Kiara's help, but her fall was instead depicted as her simply slipping while rejecting Kiara's aid, as it was felt that the villain committing suicide was too 'adult' for a Disney movie. However, although this concept was cut, Zira's death in the finished version of the film is still implied to be a suicide, as if you look closely, you can see that she's smiling, albeit a little.
  • When Zira and Simba encounter each other onscreen for the first time, Zira's line "If you need your pound of flesh..." as she pushes Kovu forward is actually a reference to the Shakespearian play "The Merchant of Venice", even though "Simba's Pride" is based on "Romeo and Juliet".
  • During early production, the producers had originally named Zira "Bianca", but this was not "Swahillian" enough, and could easily be confused with Miss Bianca, in which her name was changed to Zira.
    • When Zira blames Kovu for the death of Nuka, her reasoning seems somewhat ironic for someone who had a high opinion of Scar.
    • She told Kovu that he betrayed his pride, which is exactly what Scar did when he allowed the Hyenasto take over.
    • She also told him that he "killed his own brother", which, again, is exactly what Scar did. Also, Kovu hardly can be held accountable for this seeing as Nuka fell, and had nothing to do with him.
    • This scene is vaguely similar to when Scar accused Simba of murdering his father. But while Scar was simply trying to discourage Simba, Zira truly believed what she said was true.
  • In early production, Zira was originally going to be Scar's mate and the mother of his cub Nunka (who would later become Kovu), who would seduce Aisha (Kiara's working name). Because this would be incest, due to Nunka and Aisha being second cousins, the relationship was obscured to make Zira 'just a follower' of Scar, and Nunka became Kovu and was instead Scar's adopted son. However, some fans of the film still consider Zira to be Scar's mate, and at least one novelization did explicitly refer to her as Scar's mate.
  • When Kovu's training is being reviewed, the notch in Zira's ear switches sideways to the other ear.
  • In some Lion King 2: Simba's Pride reading books, her eyes are mistakenly colored dark blue or dark green.
  • Kovu eventually will become the Pride Land's King, meaning Zira actually succeeded with her plan to fulfill Scar's dying wish, but not to avenge his death by killing Simba.
  • Zira's role as a follower to Scar contradicts the events of the first film, where all the lionesses present at the time were followers of Mufasa and Simba and had fought beside Simba against Scar. It was later revealed in The Lion Guard that she and Scar were very close and that he shared his knowledge of the Roar of the Elderswith her.
  • Zira, Sa'Luk, and Forte are the only Disney sequel villains to actually die. Jafar does not count because he originally appeared in the first film as its main antagonist.
  • Bette Midler and Helen Mirren were considered for the role of Zira before the late Suzanne Pleshette was cast.
  • Her name means "hatred" in Swahili.
  • She has no mark on her head in The Lion Guard, except in Rafiki's painting.