Chapter 3 (also known as Epilogue) is the third and last chapter of Zazu's Tickle Torture written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover.

This chapter is called "Return to Pride Rock".


(After waving the tickle torment goodbye, the rest of the group return to Pride Rock)

  • Scar: This is how i feel.
  • Liam: This is great.
  • Scar: We are still keeping Zazu held captive.
  • Liam: I broke it, that my choice.
  • Shenzi: Why did you just did that?
  • Liam: We can prepare to stop Simba anytime we need.
  • Scar: He will never return.
  • Liam: I guess, my choice.
  • Ed: *laughs*
  • Banzai: So? This is how the life will work.
  • Scar: Until then, i need some lioness to hunt for food while you and the rest of the hyenas block the ways of everyone getting out.
  • Shenzi: Good thing Scar, we will do it.

(The hyenas left, back at Scar's cave)

  • Zazu: What a terrible torture.
  • Scar: Trap in there? Huh? You're trap again.
  • Zazu: If Simba ever returned, he will stop you all.
  • Scar: Pesky meerkats. Those hyenas will hunt them if they see one. Until then......


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