Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Zazu's Tickle Torture written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover.

This chapter is called "Tickle Hour".


(In the cave)

  • Liam: Well, well, well. There is a bird getting a tickle torment? Interesting.

(Liam appeared with the tickle torment)

  • Liam: Hey Scar.
  • Scar: What Liam?
  • Liam: I am here to tickle Zazu.
  • Scar: Good. You can certainly help out with the others and give this bird what he deserves.
  • Liam: Sure.
  • Scar: Do not fail me.
  • Liam: I will do it.

(Liam started to tickle Zazu with his paws)

  • Zazu: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Liam: That's very good.
  • Scar: Thank you Liam.
  • Liam: Your welcome.
  • Scar: Keep it going and keep it merciless.

(Liam tickle Zazu even more)

  • Liam: That's it.
  • Zazu: Hahahahahahahahaaahaaahahahahhaha.
  • Scar: Good. He deserves this.
  • Liam: Thank you master Scar, we will rule the Pride Lands after all.
  • Scar: Yes. I like your thinking.
  • Liam: Good, even Simba is not here anymore. He is exiled after you banished him when he was a cub.
  • Scar: That was perfect.
  • Liam: Sure thing. All of the animals has moved to another land even you're the king now.
  • Scar: That's what I wanted to hear.
  • Liam: Oh yeah. Nothing but me is better than a hyena was.
  • Scar: We have the high power now.
  • Liam: To the mix to the max.
  • Scar: Very good.
  • Liam: Thanks Scar.
  • Scar: Keep up the torture on our captive.
  • Liam: I will.
  • Scar: Very good. We are giving him what he deserves, especially since he can't do anything but laugh helplessly.
  • Liam: We only have one hour left.
  • Scar: Even so, we will keep him held captive.
  • Liam: That right.

(Zazu was held captive and being tickled)

  • Zazu: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
  • Scar: That's the point.
  • Liam: This day is going great.
  • Zazu: No!
  • Scar: I like when this happens.
  • Liam: I know.
  • Scar: Zazu will get tickled for an hour!
  • Liam: Our plan is working!
  • Shenzi: Yes, this will be the best one to be made.
  • Liam: I know.
  • Scar: I see.
  • Banzai: Keep it up.
  • Scar: And more will be coming.

(The last 6 tickle hands started tickling Zazu)

  • Zazu: HahahahahhahahahahahhahahHhhHHhHhHhA.
  • Scar: Add a couple tongues to his private and let them make his groin more sensitive.
  • Liam: Yeah.

(Liam added a couple tongues to his private)

  • Liam: Good.
  • Scar: That will surely make his private even more sensitive.
  • Liam: You bet King.
  • Scar: He deserves this torture very much.
  • Liam: I know King.
  • Banzai: We always know what to do.
  • Scar: Oh, tell me this idea of yours.
  • Banzai: But, we made it together.
  • Liam: It was you guys.
  • Scar: Indeed it was.
  • Liam: Yeah.
  • Scar: I'm enjoying watching this.
  • Liam: Yeah.
  • Scar: So do you have any more brilliant ideas?
  • Liam: No, we have 30 minutes left.
  • Scar: Even so, we will still keep him held captive.
  • Liam: Sure thing like in the mornings.
  • Scar: You're thinking about it.

(One hour later after the hyenas except the trio and Liam left)

  • Liam: He is doing very good.
  • Scar: Yes. I'm impressed. We can use that to our advantage.
  • Liam: 10 Minutes Left.
  • Scar: Got it.
  • Liam: Okay then.

(Zazu get a little tickle more)

  • Zazu: Hahahahahhahaahahha!!!!
  • Liam: That what he get for being tickled.
  • Scar: Very good.
  • Liam: Now, our tickle torment is over.

(The tickle torment stops)

  • Zazu: What?
  • Scar: I think, you need a little break.
  • Liam: Come on, we have to return to Pride Rock.


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