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Title Zazu's Tickle Torture
Creator MarioFan65 and Penguin-Lover
Main Character Zazu
Other Characters Scar

Zazu's Tickle Torture is a fanfiction story written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover. The story take place during the events of the first film after Simba, Timon and Pumbaa sings "Hakuna Matata".


  • Zazu (the main protagonist)
  • Scar (the main antagonist)
  • Shenzi
  • Banzai
  • Ed
  • Mufasa (mentioned)
  • Liam



  • In this fanfic, Zazu is captured by Scar and harshly tickle tortured by a super merciless tickle torture machine for hours nonstop.
  • This is the first Lion King fan-fiction created by Penguin-Lover.


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