Zareb is a zebra stallion found in Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain.

Zareb is a wanderer; he has no herd. He recieved a deep scar on his chest as a colt when he tried to protect his mother from the snow liger Ex, Murali, when he tried to terminate them both for trespassing. After Zareb escaaped, he remained a loner until he found love in Fina. They lived together for a while and planned to start a herd, until Zareb found that Murali was still hunting him through Qymaen. Zareb decided it was not safe for him and Fina to be together so he left her alone. He didn't know she was pregnant with Leia.

Zareb has large black stripes that run over his strong body. He has a cresent moon marking on his forehead, but it it usually covered by his thick gray mane that also nearly covers his blue eyes.

Lord of the Plain

(coming soon)

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