yeye growled as his mom licked his chest fur "mom let me go play!" Yeye complained trying to scramble away. His mother sighed "fine but stay close to pride rock will you?" She groaned as yeye impatiently nodded. He quickly ran as he jumped off of a few rocks. Yeye stared out into the open plains *I wanna go hunting like mom!* He thought. He jumped into the tall grass without hesitation. He looked around for his first catch as his eyes widened as he saw a huge creepy crawlie. "Momma will be proud!" He growled with pride as he quickly squished it he picked it up in his mouth.

After eating a mouthful he heard a vulture he looked up to see a bird diving for him he screeched and ran as he saw his mom scoop him up. His mom snarled "what were you doing!" She snapped as yeye sighed "i wanted to hunt!".

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