Yevete is a first generation lion that belongs to Chisel's-on-the-way.



Yevete is a dark brown lioness with lighter brown on the bottom of her eye, her muzzle, her belly, and paws. She has black spots around her body and smaller black spots around her muzzle. She has light brown-grayish fur on the top of her eyes, a redish-Grayish skin color on her nose and ears on the inside, and a black tail tip. She wears a necklace that was breaded out of leaves. And on it there is a beautiful pink flower. She has light blue eyes also.


Yevete is a courageous, curious, daring, and bubbly female lion. She is sometimes getting into trouble because of her curiosity. Yevete loves making new friends and sticks up for old ones. She is never rude to her elders but has an amazing sense of humor. She loves hunting and is amazing at it, probably one of the best hunters in the pridelands.

Voice actors

Young-Gaberiela Milani

Young singing-Gaberiela Milani

Teen-Sofia Carson

Teen singing-Sofia Carson

Adult-Annie Hathaway

Adult singing-Annie Hathaway




Brother- Mico


Likes-hunting, jokes, exploring, making friends, visiting Kuvo and Clawd

Crush-When Yevete was a tiny cub she got into everything. One day she got into Priderock and saw a handsome lion with a red mane. She and Kion became the best of friends and she developed a crush on the lion. But her heart was broken when he fell in love with Jasiri. Yevete was happy for her best friend but she was also in a stage of stress. She thought she'd never find love again, that is until she was exploring in the outlands and she met a handsome, darker fur lion. She visited Kuvo more often than she would've if they were just friends. Yevete was again heartbroken when he admitted that he liked her other friends, Kiara. She still visited him because they were friends, but not as often. When she came one day she saw that only a black and gray lion was there. Clawd explained that they were gone somewhere and would return soon. She spent the rest of the day with him and they became best friends. When she had a hint that she had....,.. Fallen in..... You know again she had to deny it. She didn't want to be heartbroken again, but she did have a crush on him.

Dislikes- Animals who don't respect the circle of life

Fears-Scar, Zira

Friends- Mwaminifu, Kiara, Kion, Kuvo, Jasiri

  • She goes in hunts with Mini, Kiara, and queen Nala
  • She visits Jasiri often
  • Mini is like a sister to her
  • She is Kiara's future body guard

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