Title:When the Prince Erupts
Main Character:Kion
Other Characters:Bunga,Janja,Chungu,Zira,Nuka ,Fuli,Beshte and Cheezi

Author's Note:This Takes Place before 'Huwezi:Next Generation' and explains how Kion loses his roar of the elders

 Kion and Bunga were talking at the edge of a cliff when 3 Hyenas sprang up and attacked them.

The 3 Took Bunga and Kion went after them,wanting to save his best friend.Eventually he reached a termite mound and saw 2 Lions.

Good Job,Janja... A Lioness said and Janja nodded.

Thank you,Zira...I took the honey badger because I knew Kion would go after him. Janja said to zira and she just cackled.

What's this about? Kion asked and Zira walked over to Bunga,DON'T YOU DARE!

Then she did it...all of the memories Kion and Bunga shared together were flashed before his eyes As Zira killed Bunga...right in front of him.

Kions eyes began to glow and his teeth barred as dark clouds gloomed over the outlands.

You..Monsters... Kion said to them

Janja looked at Kion in slight fear.

Is this how Kion is,Janja? Zira said and Janja quickly shook his head.

Weve been enemies for most of our lives and Ive never seen him like this,Zira....You don't know what you just awoke,did you? Janja asked and Zira raised an eyebrow and Kion took a step foward.

You took away my best friend, ill take away everything YOU HAVE AND MORE! Kion said before releasing an extremely powerful roar that Sent Zira,Nuka and Janja flying back while it Kills Cheezi and Chungu.

Kion looks at his shoulder and sees his mark of the lion guard is gone.

None of that matters now... Kion said to himself as he walks to Janja and Zira,you took away my best friend...ill take away your life! 

but then,Kion remembered that if he killed Janja and Zira,he would be like Scar,so he doesnt kill them and instead leaves.

he reenters the pridelands and is greeted by Fuli and Beshte.

Wheres Bunga? Fuli says before realizing what happened as Kion didnt have the mark of the lion guard,H-He's dead?

Kion nodded while tears came to his eyes.

Fuli and Beshte helped their friend mourn the loss of the bravest animal in the pridelands...

A Honey Badger... a nephew...a friend...

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