This is the first song i made myself for the lion guard: the legend of kion. excluding the sisi ni sawa lullaby that kion sang at the end of the pure hearted hyena. this is from episode three. kupatana. it's also my first song in the show, so it'd be understandable if you found it lackluster. i hope you enjoy it.

Rei rei: don't think i'm afraid to!

Tukio: don't think I'M afraid to bust your but!

Tukio sighs of regret

Tukio:(inside head)what do i do now? i've been under my family's control this whole time, but i never thought they were evil. so now what? do i confess to kion and lose my family, or do nothing and stay on the wrong path?

Tukio continues walking through the pride lands and my little pony friendship is magic you'll play your part instrumental version plays

Tukio:(singing)i don't know what to do anymore, which path do i take? the pride lands, or the out lands, is this struggle real or fake? i should know what's right or wrong, but i just can't decide.(jumps across the rocks while singing and continues walking through the pride lands)do i face the conseequenses to protect my pride? i should know what to do here and now, but i just cannot choose. if i was kion, then this wouldn't be so hard to lose.(sings slightly higher)i don't want to make the wrong choice, but i don't know my fate. how do i know which path is true, and which path is fake? i don't want to betray the wrong ones, i just want to protect the helpless, so what do i do now?(starts singing normally again)i have to choose between the calm waves, or the ragin water. i don't know what choice to make, and the tensions just getting hotter. i do not know what's right or wrong, it's so hard to avoid what's wrong. i just have one question in particular, what do i do here?

Tukio sits down alone at the watering hole

Tukio:(singing)i just have one question in particular. what do i do here?

Pretty basic, i know. but it's better than nothing. tukio is basically what the lion guard episode, the kupatana celebration needed for me to consider it better than just pretty good. i just hope we get a jackal redemption someday. i saw lots of wasted potential in dogo that i think can be restored. hope you enjoyed it.