Weird Mood is a series of small random drawings, usually parodying some kind of existing media or shouting out one-liners.
The drawings star simple stick figures of Damy and Deirdre, as for regular Lion King characters. Rarely it questioned something or made a valid point.

Weird Mood made its first appearance in 2005, at Lionking Created by ananas.

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Image from 2008.

Deirdre: "You are that watermelon!"
Caller: "Hi you want to die tonight?!"
Deirdre: "I can't, I have to do the dishes or else my mom is going to be very pissed off."
Bugs: "Hello, we are Bugs Bunny."
Deirdre: "You are no bunnies!"
Bugs: "No, but we are bugs."
Antelope: "What's the point of going to that cub his presentation, like, he's going to kill us and eat us all!!"
Skunk: "Yeah!"


Image from 2006.

Small dog: "Hello, I'm Yabbadabba. I'm the little brother of Scooby Doo."
Deirdre: "....Yabbadabbadoo?"
Deirdre: "LOL."
Timon: "Are you?"
Deirdre: "No."

Timon: "Deirdre, something is written in the stars for us..."
Deirdre: "Like what?"
Timon: "...The distance is too great, I can't read it."


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