Water Hole
Water Hole2
Water Hole
The Lion King
The Water Hole  is a source of water in the Pride Lands.

Canon History

The Lion King

Simba approaches his best friend Nala as her mother Sarafina is bathing her, and announces that he'd like to show her a "really cool" place. Simba's own mother asks what this place is, and Simba tells her that it's around the Water Hole. Irritated, Nala demands to know what's so great about the Water Hole, and Simba tells her that he'll show her when they get there. The cubs receive permission to go from their mothers, but under the condition that they are accompanied by Zazu.

Zazu leads the two cubs towards the Water Hole, which is visible in the distance, as they whisper together. Eventually, Simba sings "I Just Can't Wait to be King", with Nala joining in at one point, to shake off Zazu.

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