Want Some Juice..? is a Lion King Timon and Pumbaa Short, Written and Directed by TheNewGuy01.


  • Timon: Hey Pumbaa!
  • Pumbaa: Hiya Timon. Hey, Want some..Juice?
  • Timon:What Kind of Juice is it?
  • Pumbaa:Apple!
  • Timon:Oh...I-I don't like Apples.
  • Pumbaa:Wha-Wha-What did You say!
  • Timon: I don't Like Apples, I detest Apples.
  • Pumbaa: But Everyone Likes apples!
  • Timon: Yeah, Well, I don't. I managed to keep it a secret for Like what...Ten years Now?
  • Pumbaa:I said: Everyone LIKES APPLES!
  • Timon:0_o....Yeah, Well I don't
  • Pumbaa: TAKE FIVE SIPS!
  • Simba:Hi guys

Pumbaa slams Door in his face

  • Pumbaa: This doesn't concern him
  • Timon:Now, Wait...HELP!

                                                   The End...Was it Jucceiy enouge Guys?

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