Vuruga Vuruga's Herd
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Vuruga Vuruga's Herd
Vuruga Vuruga
Cape Buffalo
Pride Lands
The Lion Guard
Vuruga Vuruga's Herd is a group of buffalo that live in the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard


When Kiara is asked to preside over the Royal Buffalo Wallow, she does so. But due to a minor flood, she and her friends Tiifu and Zuri turn up wet and muddy. Vuruga Vuruga is impressed with her appearance, since royals are usually so stuffy at the event. Vuruga Vuruga then announces the beginning of the event, and the herd all lunge into the nearby mud, wallowing happily.

"The Ukumbusho Tradition"

As Vuruga Vuruga and her herd graze, Fuli rushes up to them, ordering them to move. Because of her appearance, the herd fails to reconize her, and Vuruga Vuruga angrily refuses. Getting an idea, Fuli pretends to be an animal that comes out during a full moon to eat buffalo, and suggests that they run. After some more snarling, the herd becomes frightened and leave.

"The Golden Zebra"

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, Vuruga Vuruga's herd argue with Twiga's Herd over who should have the next drink at a watering hole. Kion attempts to calm them, and promises that his father will have a solution.

Later, the Lion Guard leads the herds through the Back Lands, where they are introduced to Dhahabu the golden zebra, who welcomes them into her watering hole, on the condition that they frolic and romp. Vuruga Vuruga happily accepts her proposal, and enjoys the water.

Named Members

Vuruga Vuruga

Vuruga Vuruga is the leader of the herd. Vuruga Vuruga is warm and friendly, with an inclination to be informal.

Unnamed Members

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