Template:Infobox character Vitawny is a fanmade character for The Lion King. She is Shenzi's adopted, much older sister. In an upcoming RP-based story, she's Shenzi's puphood babysitter instead.

She'd be voiced by Lisa Kelly.


Short Stuff 2

She will appear as the main protagonist in this upcoming story.

The Lion King 1.5

Vitawny appears as a recurring protagonist in the rewrite of The Lion King 1 1/2.

Physical Description

Vitawny has pale fur, large pale yellow eyes with sapphire blue irises, a black mane, ears, nose, lips, paws, and spots. The makeup-patches on her eyes are dark too. In her bangs, which are black as well, and fuller than her sister's, have dark red streaks in them, giving her a Gothic appearance.


Vitawny's personality is a lot like Max's; Jumpy, hard to impress, loves digging, doesn't think much of Timon and Shenzi, etc. But sometimes, she's more mellow and caring than Max is.


Short Stuff 2/The Other Uncle

Uncle Max


RP-Based Stories


Shortly after Shenzi, Timon, and Max introduced Vitawny to the two former's children, Vitawny sings for them after they insist. To her amusement, Hatari develops a fanboy-like crush on her.





Short Stuff 2

Coming soon!

The Lion King 1 1/2 Rewrite

In The Lion King 1 1/2 Rewrite, Vitawny is a recurring protagonist. She's always seen with Max, who shares her opinions about her little stepsister and Timon.

Spoiler Alert!:

After moving into the Oasis, Max and Vitawny share a kiss.