Vitani and Kion are relatives and friends.

They've been described as having an affectionate relationship.

  • Kion refers to her as Tani.
  • Vitani is the only member of Kovu's family that Kion loves.
  • They often play Baobab Ball together.
  • Kion dotes on Vitani's daughter.
  • Vitani is considered one of Kion's confidents.
  • He was the first to use Nuka's nickname for Vitani.
  • Kion's birth helped soften Vitani's character.

Vitani often gives Kion advice on a variety of subjects.

Kion shows a deep trust in Vitani's judgement and skills.

He grew up knowing that Vitani cherished him.

A Sudden Arise

  • Vitani helps protect Kion.
  • They witness the fire.

A Gaze Into Paradises 

  • Vitani helps Kiara take care of Kion.
  • They both support Kovu and Kiara.

An Unexpected Reunion

  • They meet Kopa.

A Love That Never Dies 

  • They take part in Kora's wedding.
  • They gain Clea as a sister.

A Wonderful Day

  • They witness Kenai and Kia's birth.

Unexpected Romance

  • Kion willingly takes part in Vitani's wedding.

A Surprising Event

  • Kion welcomes Nita into the family.

A Romantic Getaway

  • VitanI comforts Kion as Kovu and Kiara are departing.
  • She helps Simba and Nala take care of him.

A Promising Friendship

  • Vitani is supportive of Kion's new role.
  • She assures Kion rhat she loves him and will be there for him.
  • They witness the stampede.

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