Vitani and Belee are relatives.

They have a strong affectionate bond.

  • Vitani often watches over Belee,
  • Belee refers to Vitani as Aunty.
  • Belee enjoys playing with her aunt.

They're both supportive of Kion.

They both show concern for Nita.

A Joyful Occasion  

  • Vitani witnesses Belee's birth.

Wonderful Day 

  • They witness Kenai and Kia's birth.
  • VitanI holds Belee and Denahi

Unexpected Romance

  • Vitani wants Belee to be a part of her wedding
  • Belee agrees

Surprising Event

  • Belee gains a cousin when Vitani has a cub.

Difficult Disscussion 

  • Belee affectionally greeets her aunt.
  • Vitani's mood softens when she interacts with her niece.
  • Vitani doesn't want Belee to know about Zira
  • Belee wants Vitani to put her to bed.

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