Veho is the son of Sita and Kion. Basically, Kion and Sita fell in love and gave birth to Veho and his sister, Vejo, both was kept away from their parents because Tama had a fight with Sita because Kion chose Sita. Tama had to choose to take Veho and Vejo and claim them as her own cubs. Or Tama will kill Sita so Kion and Tama could be mates, Tama and Sita were not friends anymore. Tama chose to take the cubs. Sita had to say goodbye to them at a young age. Tama was bossy and never let them go anywhere. They only got to play outside of the cave. In the middle of the night. Vejo was caught by a eagle and tooken away. He spotted Vejo, but with some claw scars on her and a little bit of fur scratched off. Vejo died fast after that event. Vejo's funeral was near sunset. Veho got mad at Tama and did the same thing to her. Tama did survive, but was pushed into a alavanche on accident and lived, but Tama slipped and died because the rocks hit her wounded body, her head mushed. ( Remember, Tama did not actually die, in my bios I keep them alive after. This is my story )