Basic concept of vampiremeerkats.

Vampiremeerkats or vampire meerkats are a species of supernatural meerkats that generally don't live in the normal world.

While they are obviously vampires, they are more considered to be their own species instead of, for instance, "cursed" or "undead" meerkats. They appear to be more intelligent than other animals; as their homeland consists out of actual architecture and they have a sense of fashion, though eccentric.

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Vampiremeerkats are extremely high of themselves and believe they are the most evolved animal species in existence. They heavily look down upon mortals, which is why it's considered a disgrace to befriend or fall in love with one. Neither is it common that they transform a mortal into a vampire.

With that in mind, half-bloods are rare and not welcome in their homeland.

Vampiremeerkats are very aggressive and fight each other to determine ranks. The royal family has always been top of the rank; as a bachelor king or queen always picks the strongest candidate to marry.
Regular vampiremeerkats hardly make the top list, and the candidates are usually the sons and daughters of lords and rich families.


Vampiremeerkats look very diverse and fancy wearing clothes, make-up and jewelry.
As regular meerkats tend to look very basic, vampiremeerkats can have spots and stripes at places meerkats normally don't have. Besides that, they have retractable nails in their feet and hands.

The royal family is able to use magic, as for telekinesis, and can fly. Royal males have dragon-like wings, while royal females can fly without the help of anything.
Every time the males want to use their wings, they need to "activate" them, or specifically; activate the incomplete wing bones in their back. What follows is a relatively short procedure where bone, flesh, and skin creates itself right on the spot. It is described to hurt.
Whenever the user discards the wings, they basically die off and turn to ashes, leaving only the wing bones in their back.

Other Noticeable Features

  • In general, vampiremeerkats speak a language of their own; "vampire Latin".
  • Vampire Latin has the same sentence structure as Dutch.
  • Vampiremeerkats are born with the knowledge of their kind; it's part of their instinct.
  • Vampiremeerkats can function in sunlight, without any real drawback, except for some light drowsiness.
  • It's said that a vampiremeerkat can either live to 300 years or stay immortal. What decides whether one dies at the age of 300 or lives is unknown.
  • Vampiremeerkats have a reflection.
  • Like regular vampires, they don't have a heartbeat/functioning heart.
  • They're not affected by any holy means.
  • Their saliva has an immediate healing effect.
  • The reason why they are wearing clothes and accessories is because the human race intrigues them.
  • Being a half-blood has no benefits or disadvantages; as it seems that the vampire gene is strong enough to make anyone with the gene function as a full-blood.
  • The only difference half-bloods and full-bloods have compared to each other is their appearance.

Damy VS Vampiremeerkats

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Their opinion on their future king, Damy, and his mortal companion, Deirdre, isn't good.
They are disgusted by Damy for the fact he is a half-blood, chose to live in the mortal world, and hangs out with a mortal woman, but at the same time are impressed by his reputation and strength. While they have their prejudices towards half-bloods, Damy proved himself to them and is recorded to be as strong as any royal family member in the bloodline; as he killed 50 hostile vampiremeerkats upon visiting the royal castle for the first time.

As their current queen, Cheekah, never returned to the vampire world after she enslaved Damy's father, no one stayed behind to lead them. While they are ashamed of Damy's existence, the law states they are forced to accept him as their leader, anyway.
But Damy made clear he has no intention of taking over the throne or living in the vampire world, as he doesn't care about them. While many civilians are relieved, they are also getting desperate.
Even though there are many who are skeptic because of what Damy is, they all agree that he'll be a competent leader.

They are most worried about Deirdre, as they're afraid Damy will want to marry her and the pure royal bloodline will get "soiled" even more. Their tactics on trying to get rid of her aren't that different from Cheekah's.

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