Strength of Heart
Close Relations
A Friendly Lion

Uzito is an adolescent male lion.


Heavily built and wide-shouldered, Uzito is a lion of considerable bulk. His body is thick and well-muscled, with a long, stiff tail and a broad muzzle. His ears are largely curved along the top end. His pelt is somewhat spiky, with a thatch of setaceous fur atop his head. His long, briary coat is a rich chestnut brown color, pale gray-brown on his paws, chest, muzzle, and underbelly. He has green eyes, the color of a green bee-eater's feathers. The part of his mane that had grown in is blackish brown. His teeth are long and sharp. Along his spine, between his shoulders and his flanks, he has a thin stripe a shade darker than the rest of his fur.


Wherever he goes, Uzito's projects confidence and command. It is very hard to talk him out of a decision that he had made, though it can be done with patience and effort. He is not afraid to attack, and will usually make the first move. However, he does not enjoy bathing his paws in blood, and prefers to only fight lions that are his age and skill level or above. He likes to spar playfully, and when doing so is always careful not to hurt anyone. Uzito is a caring animal who will not leave behind a lion in need of help. He will offer assurance and comfort whenever he feels that it will help a situation. He projects a calm and self-assured manner.


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