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Role in the series

Uzima is a supporting protagonist in the lion guard: the legend of kion, along with omaiga, and is one of the lion guard's medics along with jasiri and omaiga. he made his debut in titan showdown for a cameo with his sister in the final scene, before becoming the tritagonist of the episode jasiri: the hyena titan, with omaiga as the episode's dueteragonist, and jasiri as the episode's main protagonist


Uzima is a small and tender lion cub. his fur is a cream color, his mane and tail hair are white, his nose is dark pink, and his underbelly is bright yellow.


Uzima is a very energetic lion cub, who despite growing up in a pride of war, is always optamistic. he's always ready to bring life to the party, and is mainly an innocent little kid. while not as serious as his older sister omaiga, uzima never backs down from an oopportunity for fun. even if it means throwing himself into danger, uzima is always energetic and fun loving and full of life.

Presently hs is five years old like kion, because they age in human years. he is voiced by kara edwards, who also voices goten from dragon ball z.





Fears/likes and dislikes/friends and enemies

Fears-None at the moment

Dislikes-Boredom, spongebob squarepants seasons five(sort of), six, seven, eight, and nine(sort of).

Likes-Fun, the spirit world, adventure, vine swinging, his sister omaiga, spongebob squarepantsseasons one, two, three, four, and ten.

Friends: kion, bunga, fuli, ono, beshte, jasiri, tukio, omaiga, simba, nala, kudiyan.

Enemies: dogo.

More content coming soon


1. it is said by his sister that he and omaiga grew up in a pride of war.

2. they appear to have great knowladge of titans, as well as the spirit world, which is shown in the episode jasiri: the titna hyana, as they go to the spirit world in order to control jasiri's titan form.

3. uzima appears to like spongebob, but hates seasons six to eight.

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