Usaliti (Meaning: Betrayal) is the former mate of Dotty and father of Oliver. A while after the events of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, he is a rogue wandering around looking for food. He wanders into the Pride Lands and is accepted by Kovu and Kiara. They assign Dotty to show him around and the two become friends. Long after Usaliti no longer needs an escort, Dotty still ahngs around with him. She tells him the history of how the Pride Lands and the Outlands became one thanks to Kiara. While watching the stars one night they fall in love and were never apart. A few months later Dotty feels sick which worries Usaliti. She goes to Rafiki and learns she's pregnant. Usaliti is not pleased when he learns of this. While she is sleeping, he runs away.


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