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Name Upelelezi
Meaning Spying (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Pridelanders
Close Relations

Daughter of Kiara and Kovu, sister of Kizazi, sister in law of Speckles and Kumbuka, mate of Lekkers

Upelelezi is the youngest child of Kiara and Kovu, and the little sister of Kizazi. She is a minor character in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page), and the main protagonist in Lion King 4: Upelelezi's Journey (Chapter 1).

Note: Please don't use my characters or change their pictures in any way without asking. If you want to do either, plase ask me first.


Young Cub

Upelelezi is usually quiet and shy, although she is quite close to her brother. She is  very smart, for a cub her age. She appearse to listen to everything that Zazu says.

Older Cub/Early Teen

As an older cub (almost a teenager) Upelelezi is shown to have become very loyal and a bit dependant on Zazu, crying for him whenever she is in need of help (such as when Speckles is teasing her about being small than average). In spite of this, Upelelezi still disobeys him if it fits her needs (such as when she'd prefer to play, than to go home). More will be revealed later.

Teenager/Young Adult

Coming soon!


Young Cub

Upelelezi is a pink-ish red cub, with the same tan colored underbelly that Kiara has. Her eyerims and nose are of the Outlander kind, much like Kovu's, with a hint of Kiara's Pridelander nose. Her inner-ears are he same color as her underbelly and toes, all of which are colored. Her tail tuft is brown (as revealed in the picture below) and her eyes are a bright orange. Although she has an Outlander nose, her claws do not protrude, like those of Pridelander
Upelelezi older cub
lions. Upelelezi has a round face, and black pawpads.

Older Cub/Early Teen

As an odler cub (almost a teenager) Upelelezi's appearance is almost the same as when she was younger, the only difference being that she has begun to resemble her mother even more. It is revealed in the picture to the right, that she has a brown tail-tuft. It is also revealed (by Speckles) that Upelelezi is much smaller than the average cub of her age.

Teenager/Young Adult

Coming soon!

Early Design


As you can see, Kiara was mis-colored here.

In an early draft of Hyena Rules, Upelelezi went by the name of 'Legaat', meaning 'legacy' (to go with Kizazi, who's name means 'generation). She looked dramatically like Zira, and her personality was not gone into (the character of Legaat is free for anyone to use).

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