Uncle Max gets a Tickle Torment is a fan-fiction story written by MarioFan65.


  • Uncle Max
  • Ma
  • Timon
  • Pumbaa


(It was another peaceful day at the Jungle Oasis. Uncle Max was relaxing into something.)

  • Uncle Max: What a nice day at the pool.
  • Ma: Uncle Max.
  • Uncle Max: Hello? Do you see i'm trying to relax?
  • Ma: Timon created a new tickle invention that can let everyone get a tickle torture.
  • Uncle Max: What?
  • Timon: Hello Uncle Max, me and Pumbaa invented something new.
  • Uncle Max: You tell me sonny boy?
  • Timon: It's a secret. Follow me.

(Uncle Max followed Timon and saw the new invention he created)

  • Timon: Behold, the Tickle Torment Jungle Torture 9800!
  • Uncle Max: What?
  • Timon: That the torture i showed you.
  • Uncle Max: You're thinking about it.
  • Timon: You know what i'm thinking.
  • Uncle Max: I know, what your up to sonny boy.
  • Timon: I know Uncle Max.
  • Pumbaa: Ready to try it?
  • Uncle Max: Sure.

(Uncle Max lay down on the tickle torture while the leafs come at him)

  • Timon: Gee ready Maxie, your wait is over.
  • Uncle Max: I will sonny boy.
  • Timon: You know it when you're ready.
  • Uncle Max: I am.
  • Timon: Okay. Here we go.

(The leafs tickle Uncle Max)

  • Uncle Max: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(More leafs tickle Max)

  • Uncle Max: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Timon: Yeah, take that.
  • Uncle Max: Hahahahahahaha!
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata.
  • Timon: That's right.
  • Pumbaa: Very sweet.
  • Timon: Now, here's more.

(More tickle leafs tickle Max)

  • Uncle Max: Hahahahhahaahhahahahahhhhhhhahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!
  • Timon: Now, you will get more.

(More tickle leafs tickle Max)

  • Uncle Max: Hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaahahhahahahaahhahahaaha!!!!!!!!!
  • Timon: All right. Here's more.

(More tickle leafs tickle Max)

  • Uncle Max: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Timon: He need more tickle tools.
  • Pumbaa: Right on.

(More tickle tools tickle Uncle Max)

  • Timon: So funny.
  • Pumbaa: Get ready for more.

(Max get tickled in the tail)

  • Uncle Max: Hahahahahhahhahahahahaahhahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!
  • Timon: Very funny.
  • Uncle Max: I love to hear that.
  • Pumbaa: Here's more.

(The last of the tickle tools tickle Max)

  • Uncle Max: Hahahahahhahhhha!!
  • Timon: Quick interesting.
  • Pumbaa: This is why he love it.
  • Timon: I know right.
  • Pumbaa: Let's put this to an end.
  • Timon: Sure thing Pumbaa.

(Timon stopped the tickle torment)

  • Uncle Max: It's over?
  • Timon: Sure thing Max.
  • Uncle Max: Well, i love it.
  • Timon: Awazing!
  • Pumbaa: This is how you feel about tickling.
  • Uncle Max: I know.
  • Timon: This tickling you had, made me laugh.
  • Uncle Max: I know sonny boy.
  • Timon: I agree.
  • Uncle Max: Thanks Timon.
  • Ma: Oh uncle Max! You came back.
  • Uncle Max: Oh, i thought i was worried about you.
  • Timon: I also have the same feelings.
  • Uncle Max: I have the same feelings about this jungle.
  • Timon: I know Max.
  • Ma: So what do you want to do?
  • Uncle Max: Just relax.
  • Ma: Okay.
  • Pumbaa: You bet.

(Uncle Max begins to relax)


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