Ukuni Woods
Ukuni Woods
The Lion Guard
Ukuni Woods is a location in the Pride Lands.
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Physical Attributes

Ukuni Woods is a stretch of woodland. It is mainly composed of sparsely spread acacia trees.


The Lion Guard

"Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots" 

Ukuni Woods is mentioned by Thurston, who asks the Lion Guard if Flat Ridge Rock is near Big Springs or Ukuni Woods.

"The Rise of Makuu" 

When the Lion Guard hears a cry for help, they race to the source of the voice, Ukuni Woods, where they see a hyrax stuck in a thorn bush. They proceed to free the little creature, who gets in trouble again when a hungry Ushari attempts to eat him. Bunga jumps into action, throwing the snake away, and a startled Beshte jumps out of the way, landing in a mud hole. The friends resolve to visit Big Springs to get him and a stinky Bunga cleaned up.

"Can't Wait to be Queen" 

Ukuni Woods is mentioned in Ono's morning report.

"The Trouble With Galagos"

Shingo the giraffe gets himself stuck in an acacia tree while grazing on its leaves. The Lion Guard arrives to free him, and he proceeds to feed on a different tree.

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