Close Relations
Pacha(daughter) Pili(son)
A Friendly Lion

Ufa is a male lion and the leader of a small pride.


Large, thick-maned and tawny-coated, Ufa is quite an average lion with only one defining feature- a crack running down one of his yellowed canines. He is a somewhat sinewy creature, though rather thin. His body is narrow, but he is deep-chested and possesses wide flanks and a long tail. He has a long, smooth face with a certain regal quality, his bright yellow eyes set deep. His tightly-muscled form is covered with a short coat of light tawny, with splashes of cream on his muzzle and underbelly. His nose is brown and curves up at either end, while the scraggly tuft at the end of his tail is dark tan. His mane, which is tangled in the back but smooth around his face and down his chest, is the same color. One of his ears, which are both rimmed with black, has a large notch in it.


Ufa is a friendly and sociable lion, often conversing with his pride or even chatting with other animals. However, he is quite lazy, preferring to snooze along for most of the day. He admits this himself, but enjoys his rest far too much to stay awake for longer periods. He likes to spend time with the lionesses and is gentle with the cubs, letting them play with him and pounce on his tail. He eats less than most lions, content with smaller portions. Towards strange females, he is very enthusiastic and heavily hints that they are welcome to join his pride. Towards strange males, he is less than hospitable, though he never fights without good reason.


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