Name: Twiga

Gender: Male

Species: Giraffe

Meaning: Giraffe in Swahili

He is the tallest in the Second Lion Guard.


Despite having a a species that seem slightly deadly, Twiga is a huge worrier, and complains just about everything. He likes to have perfecttio, order, and neatness. But he is also obedient, loyal and will do anything to help. He helps the lion guard by looking over there surrounding much like On. He can also swing his head around like a sword. Despite his long knobby legs, he is not very clumsy. When angry he uses sarcasm but rarely does. He can be really over dramatic at times which makes it really hard to understand what he says. He can get really defensive though sometime. Around his daughter Halisi he is always near her.


He looks like any old giraffe with brown spots all over him and a sandy colored backgroun. His eyes are olive green and he has a tuft of blond hair almost covering his horns.


  • He has a daughter named Hisali.
  • He is based on Melman from Madagascar
  • He is the first giraffe on the wiki
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