Tukanwa preparing to battle.

Tukanwa is the daughter of Scar and Zira. She is the older twin of Nuka, big sister of Kovu and Vitani. She looks like her mother and shares the same red eyes as Zira and Nuka. She has Nuka's duled fur, Scar's cheek mane, and his chin tufts. She is violent and rude but this is due to the fact that Zira hates her and always abuses her. This is why Zira shows no mother-daughter feelings like she does with Vitani. But Scar, howerver, loved and cherished her. She always looks out for her younger sibblings unlike Nuka. Dispite being abused by her mother, she is obidient to her and loves her mother. She later releases the hate her mother forced her to feel about the Pride landers and later joins them after five days after Nuka's death, this is because she runs of because of Zira's death. She becomes one of the hunters when she does join. But when she does, she becomes mentally unstable. Tukanwa was also very pretty like Vitani as a child. She had a tuft, like her younger sister, but furiosly Zira pulled it off while giving her a bath. One day, when she was hunting with Kiara and Vitani, she met Kari. Kari was thrown out by his pride. Tukanwa and Kari fall in love. They get an albino cub named Kali.