Meaning: None, named after Topou Ryan
Creator: PenelopeTheShihTzu


Mother: Jana

Unnamed Father

Husband: Rini || 

Topou is PenelopeTheShihTzu's character. She is a lioness and one of Saba's best friends.

About her

As a cub, she is brave and spunky, and always willing for a challenge. She met Saba after a run-in. She soon became one of her best friends. She also encountered Rini (her future mate) one time, but she didn't see him after that.

As an adult, she isn't very spunky as she was as a cub, but she still loves playing. She mates Rini, and they have a cub who is unnamed as of yet.


  • Topou is named after one of PenelopeTheShihTzu's high school classmates, Topou Ryan (no relation to Debby Ryan).
  • Topou is actually 2 months older than Saba. You can find this out by size comparison.

Voice Actors

  • Cub: Lindsey Torrace- voice of Claudette from Alpha and Omega sequels
  • Adult: Hayden Panetierre- voice of Kate from Alpha and Omega franchise