Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Pat and Stan goes to the Jungle Oasis".


(When Pat and Stan leave the house, they went to Professor Chi-Chi Lab and they find a time machine to enter the Jungle Oasis)

  • Pat: Hi Chi-Chi and what is this?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It is a time machine that will take you to a jungle called, "The Jungle Oasis."
  • Stan: What is the Jungle Oasis?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: The Jungle Oasis is a place with bugs, meerkats, and a red warthog like us.
  • Pat: But we're not one of them.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: You will go there to explore the place.
  • Pat: A red warthog? *giggles* I never heard of that before.
  • Stan: A red warthog, interesting. Chi-Chi can you take us there?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Sorry guys, the time machine is not on yet.
  • Pat: What?
  • Professor Chi-Chi: It is located in another dimension and you will go there, but i have a teleporter remote to take you guys.
  • Pat and Stan: AWESOME!
  • Professor Chi-Chi: That's it and before you go there, you will find a meerkat and a warthog, so enjoy hunting.

(Chi-Chi click on the button and then, it trap Pat and Stan)

  • Pat: AHHHH!
  • Stan: Relax.
  • Professor Chi-Chi: Goodbye.

(Pat and Stan are now teleported to the Jungle Oasis)

  • Pat: What is this place?
  • Stan: I don't know, it look like a forest to me.

(Meanwhile, Timon and Pumbaa were walking for bugs)

  • Timon: Pumbaa, do you know that it is a great day to find bugs?
  • Pumbaa: *look at Timon* Yes. Simba also like them.
  • Timon: *look at Pumbaa* I know. Also, it was a great time defeating Zira and the Outlanders since we defeat them and joined the Pride Lands except her and Nuka.
  • Pumbaa: I know that. There's more bugs on the oasis and we could find them at last.
  • Timon: Got it.

(When Timon and Pumbaa left for bugs, the background music "Hakuna Matata by Jimmy Cliff" begins to plays. The screen changes with 10 bugs on the tree as Timon holds Pumbaa and throw him on the tree. Then, the bugs fell off and put them in a bag so they don't lose it. In the next scene when Timon and Pumbaa are on a river (That is part of the Jungle Oasis), they were looking for bugs and they found one on a tree log. Timon hop on Pumbaa so they can try to jump high and they did it. Now, they got 20 bugs on the log and put them on the bag once again and the music ends. When the screen changes, Timon and Pumbaa were walking to the pond named "Hakuna Pond".)

  • Timon: Well Pumbaa, we are going to find more bugs and we can eat them everyday like pigs.
  • Pumbaa: *look down at Timon* But people call me Mr. Pig since i was young.
  • Timon: Well, it's better be good like when we defeated the hyenas at Pride Rock.

(A unknown meerkat and warthog were sneaking by saying "HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.")

  • Timon: *shocked* YIKES! Did you see that Pumbaa?
  • Pumbaa: *worried* I don't know and i think, it's Pimon and Tumbaa.
  • Timon: It's our old enemies and they have a philosophy called "Kahuna Potato".
  • Pumbaa: Well, we have to find out about this.


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