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Title Timon Gets Tickled Again
Creator MarioFan65
Main Character Timon and Pumbaa
Other Characters Mody and Dacey

Timon Gets Tickled Again is a fanfiction story by MarioFan65 and a sequel to Timon's Jungle Tickle Torment and Mody and Dacey's Tickle Frenzy.



(In the water pond)

  • Timon: What a glory day for everyone.
  • Pumbaa: This seems to be a good place for catching bugs.
  • Timon: Yeah right.
  • Pumbaa: You know the way.
  • Timon: And frogs.......yuck!
  • Pumbaa: Come on, there more grubs on the other side.
  • Timon: Oh yeah, they have some.

(In the other side, they were eating grubs)

  • Timon: Mmmm..... this taste good like Ma used to make.
  • Pumbaa: Even the spicy ones.
  • Timon: I know. Fire grubs are also spicy.
  • Pumbaa: And worms too.
  • Mody: Hey Timon.
  • Timon: Mody?
  • Mody: We are here to tickle you.
  • Timon: Oh no, not this again!
  • Pumbaa: Hey.
  • Dacey: Don't move, Timon will do it.
  • Pumbaa: Leave my friend alone!
  • Mody: Your friend? Ha.
  • Pumbaa: Hey!
  • Mody: Just calm down.
  • Dacey: It will be fine.
  • Timon: Where are we going?
  • Mody: We will go somewhere.

(In Mody and Dacey's Cave Home)

  • Mody: There it is.
  • Dacey: The home where you ever went.
  • Timon: What now?
  • Mody: This tickle torture is just for you.

(The tickle torture leafs come to tickle Timon)

  • Mody: Add a little more.

(More leafs come to tickle Timon)

  • Pumbaa: That's it?
  • Mody: Yes.

(The leafs stopped tickling Timon)

  • Timon: Gosh, i hate this place.
  • Dacey: What do you think?
  • Timon: A 7 out of 10.
  • Mody: Good.
  • Pumbaa: Now we can eat more grubs any we like.
  • Timon: And have fun whatever we get.


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