Timon's Jungle Tickle Torment Title

Timon's Jungle Tickle Torment is a The Lion King fan-fiction written by MarioFan65. The story will focus on Timon getting a tickle torment in the Jungle Oasis. This story takes place after The Lion King 2½: Timon's Colony and before Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan.



(In the Jungle Oasis)

  • Timon: Ah, what a gloreous day.
  • Pumbaa: It's good to be out in the wild.
  • Simba: Yeah, i remember the good old days when you raised me there.
  • Timon: Of course like me.
  • Mody: Well, i think i should return to my home.
  • Dacey: Me too.
  • Timon: Hey wait, come back.
  • Mody: I'm tried.
  • Dacey: The same as me.
  • Pumbaa: Maybe, they need a little rest.
  • Simba: Something secret can work to them.
  • Timon: Alright, alright, but give me the clue.
  • Simba: Tickle torment.
  • Timon: What is a tickle torment?
  • Simba: A tickle torment is about when someone is getting tickled as they laugh so hard for minutes.
  • Pumbaa: We can do one of our own.
  • Timon: Great idea.
  • Pumbaa: Sound perfect to me.
  • Simba: Come on, let's give it a go.

(At the moment, Simba, Timon and Pumbba brought in some logs, leafs, ropes and a square shaped rock to fit in)

  • Timon: Perfect!
  • Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata!
  • Simba: Are they here yet?
  • Timon: No.
  • Pumbaa: That's impossible when Hakuna Matata come to this.
  • Timon: Forget hyenas and meerkats like me needs us.
  • Pumbaa: But what about a warthog?
  • Timon: Maybe not.
  • Pumbaa: Awwww.
  • Simba: So tomorrow, they will come to find out.
  • Timon: Yep.
  • Pumbaa: I hope, they will like it.

(In Mody and Dacey's Cave)

  • Mody: What a good night sleep.
  • Dacey: You figure that out.

(The Next Day)

  • Timon: So, everyone is alright?
  • Simba: Yeah.
  • Pumbaa: Are they here yet Timon?
  • Timon: No, they just want to have all the fun like teenagers do. I was one of them once.
  • Pumbaa: In your meerkat colony?
  • Timon: Yes.
  • Simba: Are they here yet?
  • Timon: No.

(In Mody and Dacey's Cave)

  • Mody: *wake up* Morning already?
  • Dacey: Yeah.
  • Mody: Come on Dacey, let's visit Timon.
  • Dacey: Sure thing in the morning.

(Back in the group, Simba was roaring when birds are flying as Mody and Dacey don't appear at no sigh)

  • Simba: Gosh, we need more attention.
  • Timon: That's useless.
  • Pumbaa: They will never come.
  • Mody: Hi guys.
  • Timon: There here at last.
  • Dacey: So, how everything?
  • Simba: Great.
  • Mody: What is that?
  • Timon: Behold, my JUNGLE TICKLE TORTURE 9000.
  • Mody: Ummmmmm, Cool.
  • Dacey: Fantastic Timon.
  • Simba: So how does it work?
  • Timon: Let me show you, Pumbaa, try it out.
  • Pumbaa: Yes sir.
  • Simba: I bet you will have it.
  • Mody: Come on Pumbaa, your the best.

(The jungle ropes trap Pumbaa when the tickle leafs tickle him)

  • Pumbaa: *laughs*
  • Mody: *laughs* That's so funny.
  • Dacey: Now, you have to try.

(Pumbaa get off the tickle torment)

  • Timon: Now, let me try.

(Timon get on the tickle torment when the tickle leaf hands tickle him on his belly)

  • Timon: *laughs*
  • Pumbaa: Woah.
  • Simba: See guys?
  • Mody: Yeah.
  • Dacey: Super funny.
  • Pumbaa: Extra more.

(Timon get laughed even more)

  • Timon: *laughs*
  • Mody: Even more.
  • Timon: *laughs again*
  • Dacey: That's so fun.
  • Mody: Yeah.

(Timon get tickled one more time)

  • Timon: Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pumbaa: This is kinda fun.
  • Timon: *laughs*
  • Simba: Hahahahahahaha.
  • Timon: Hahahahahahahha.

(Timon stops the tickle torment)

  • Mody: So, how everything?
  • Timon: Very good.
  • Pumbaa: The tickle machine was so fun.
  • Timon: Funner than ever.
  • Mody: So with everything, you have the best tickling stuff you ever had.
  • Timon: No worries.
  • Pumbaa: No worries for me.
  • Simba: Anyone want to try it?
  • Mody: Umm...... No, we're fine.
  • Dacey: Superly fine.
  • Timon: So, anyone want a drink?
  • All: Yeah.

(The meerkats, Pumbaa and Simba finally ended up by drinking some coconut juice)



  • Mody sleeping and waking up is similar to Timon waking up on Pumbaa's belly from The Lion King 1½.
  • This is the first Lion King fan-fiction story to have someone getting tickled.
  • The Jungle Tickle Torture 9000 in this story is actually a torment location.
  • The Hot Tub also appear at the end of the story.


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