Tigerstripe says it sucks to be you

Tigerstripe is a lion in the Nyasi Pride, who is part lion and part tiger, also known as a liger. She has a mother, a sister named Leopardspot, and her father is unknown.


Tigerstripe has orange-gold fur and bright green eyes. Stripes cover her back; she looks more like a tiger than a lion. On here head is three curvy stripes and he has two stripes over her eyes, similar to scar. She is clever, a touch offensive, and a little lazy.


Tigerstripe was born to a single lioness, who mated with a tiger before she was born. The tiger ran away when she found out the mother was pregnant. She has had a few stepdads in her life, but her favorite was, strange enough, a leopard, who is the father of her sister, Spotty. They would have lots of fun together and go for long walks, but he one day disapeared. Tigerstripe has been through lots of losses so she is antisocial and agresssive. She will avoid work at school and boss around her sister.

Tigerstripe is the main character of Stripe the Sky.


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