Since Scar betrayed the Hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed need a credit card since they can't get any money. They have found out about a worldwide credit card company, Vietnam Prime Credit. The company's owner, Zhao Trang Mulan Kai Lu Thi Nguyen.

'The Story'

'Shenzi: "Scar, the stupid lion, betrayed us, how are we going to get money?" '

'Banzai: "How about we get a credit card from Vietnam Prime credit?"'

'Shenzi: "Not a bad idea! I call them on my cell."'

'Zhao: [In Vietnamese Accent] "Thanks for calling Vietnam Prime Credit. My name Zhao Trang Mulan Kai Lu Thi Nguyen, How may I help you?'

'Shenzi: "Yes, uh, Zhao, may Banzai, Ed, and I get a credit card?"'

'Zhao: "Yes, [crumbles paper over phone] oops, you break up, call back next week!"'

'Shenzi: "I know that trick, may I speak with a supervisor?"'

'Zhao: "Supervisor is genious, I transfer. [The workers pass the phone saying "transfer"] Hello, my name is..."'

Shenzi: "Zhao, you're a supervisor?"'

Zhao: "Yes, How would you like to work for us, $250,000,000 limit on credit card?"'

'Shenzi: "Sure, give us the card now please!"'

'Zhao: "I hang up now, credit card comes in mail, Chao!" '

Now Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed get their credit cards in the mail and now work for Vietnam Prime Credit.' '