The Tiger King is a series of comics that parodies The Lion King.
It's supposed to follow the Lion King spoof from The Animaniacs.

The Tiger King made its first appearance in 2004, at Lionking Created by ananas.

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Nimba standing his ground. (2007)

These characters made at least one appearance:


Nimba is a parody on Simba. He is a tiger.

In many ways, Nimba is just like Simba, as he wishes to become king and expects respect from the other animals. As he tends to be more loud and obnoxious, nobody takes him seriously, including his friend, Sala.


Sala is a parody on Nala. She is a leopard.

Why she hangs out with Nimba is unknown, as she appears to be more intelligent than him and is often annoyed by his stupidity. Even so, she doesn't show any aggression towards her friend.


Mufrapa is a parody on Mufasa. He is a tiger.


Sararie is a parody on Sarabi. She is a tiger.


Zsazsou warning Nimba for upcoming danger on request of his father. (2007)


Zsazsou is a parody on Zazu.

He is a blue parrot with the basic intellect of one. He is far from helpful, as he's only able to repeat what others say of have said.

At other times he calls himself "Polly" and speaks his mind about what he wants ("Polly wants a lawyer!").


Never-Healing-Line-In-The-Face is a parody on Scar. He is a tiger.

Even though his name suggests he has a scar, it's just a regular tiger stripe.


Zhenni, from 2005.


Zhenni is a parody on Shenzi. She is a hyena.

She's portrayed to be a docile hippy, and apparently invited Nimba over to the elephant graveyard for dinner more than once.


Goodsay is a parody on Banzai. He is a hyena.

He has a relationship with Zhenni, but breaks up with her every time Nimba shows up, as he thinks she is in love with him.


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