Malka was wandering the Pridelands. It was just a couple of days ago he met Simba and Nala. He also met Mheetu, Nala's younger brother. Mheetu was a vermillion color and had a black nose. Malka ran up to Mheetu.

"Hey, Bud!" Malka exclaimed. Eusi was walking through the Pridelands and saw Malka and Mheetu. "Hello, guys!" Eusi greeted. "Hi, Eusi," Mheetu said. Eusi was a grey lion with a yellow underbelly.

Eusi was very popular with the lionesses. "Guys, want to go to the Elephant Graveyard?" Malka whispered, very slowly. Mheetu gulped and nodded his head yes. "Sure, but don't tell mother," Eusi said

The 3 cubs ran off into the Elephant Graveyard. This was a normal day for the 3 best friends, always getting into trouble. Malka was the brief stepbrother of Simba. Mheetu was the younger tag-along brother.

Eusi was the ladies man, all the cubs liked him besides Nala, who was interested in Simba. They started to climb the elephant bones.Until they heard Banzai coming. Eusi jumped off an elephant tusk to hear more.

Zazu was being chased by Banzai into the Graveyard. "Cubs! Why are you here?!" Zazu began. All 3 of them took a big gulp. Banzai noticed the cubs and tried to pounces on Malka. Banzai licked his lips and chased after the three.

Malka, Mheetu, and Eusi took off. Zazu flew off to give the morning report to Mufasa. Malka, Mheetu, and Eusi barely made it out. "That.." Malka began. "Was..." Mheetu replied. "AWESOME!!" hey all said at once.

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