The Second Lion Guard is an organization that is similar to the Lion Guard. They formed this group because the Lion Guard wasn't able to take care of many problems in the pride lands at once.


  • Tama - She is the fiercest and the most loyal to her group, and is the "Woman with the plan" And is the Leader of the group.
  • Mwizi - He is the most sneak and the most sly. He is the 'deceiver' and 'Pranker' Of the group. He is a good spy and eavesdropper
  • Aina - Aina is the most caring and kindest. She comforts scared animals and will nurse hurt animals back to health.
  • Twiga - Twiga is the tallest. He can see from far distances, and inform what is going on.
  • Tyronecoming soon..
The Second Lion Guard
The Second Lion GuardTamaMwiziAinaTwigaTyrone

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