The Sahara Pride is a pride of rogue lions and lioness that form together to survive. They are mainly lead by a fearless lioness. All the members of this pride were either banished or abandoned by their original pride and formed their own pride to defend themselves. The are the main characters in the story Sahara Pride.


The Sahara Pride temporarily made their home in the Prideland territory, because Simba allowed them to stay in their area because of the condition of their cubs and because an old friend of his was a member of their pride. However they eventually leave the Pridelands after a confrontation with another pride seeking vengeance against Simba.

The then made their home in a large grassland area (located in the top area of South Africa). The landscape is mostly plains and vegetation with several rivers passing through the territory.



  • Limber- large muscular lioness with a scar on her cheek and another on her left leg with light yellow fur
  • Amar- large grey lion with a black mane and black eyes

Other Members:

  • Neo- very large and bulky pale male with a black mane
  • Bron- large lion with light brown fur and a dark brown mane
  • Kontar- small golden-furred lion with yellow mane
  • Sheba- grey furred lioness
  • Thema- small tan colored lioness
  • Umi- small yellowish furred lioness
  • Adia- large pale furred lioness with black ears
  • Isoke- light brown fur lioness
  • Nata- white furred lioness with back ears with black eyes
  • Dinga- white furred lioness with back ears with blue eyes
  • Faa-white furred lioness with back ears with green eyes


  • Zada- yellowish furred lioness
  • Changa-white lion with black ears and
  • Stara-small white lioness with black ears and


  • Amar is Limber's mate
  • Isoke is Bakari's mother
  • Umi and Adia are sisters
  • Zada is the oldest of the cubs
  • Dinga is the mother of Changa
  • Faa is the mother of Stara
  • Faa, Dinga, and Nata are siblings