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Title Chapter Two
Creator Chumvi and Ginny
Main Character N/A
Other Characters N/A

The Cheetah Boys ran up to Priderock. 

They saw Simba sleeping. 

“Bye-Bye, Sleepy head”  Nafsi mumbled. 

Msanii, the leader, pounced on Simba. 

Simba eye-lids opened as fast as the speed of light. 

Kija, mostly know as Ja, smirked slightly.

Dehani raised his head. 

His eyes were bloodshot with fear.

Msanii dug his claws into Simba’s back.

Simba howled, making everyone raise their head.

Blood was all over his claws.

Everyone stiffened. 

Nobody moved.

Nobody blinked.

Nobody breathed.

Msanii howled with laughter.

He scratched Simba ‘till he was dying of blood loss.

Msanii got off of Simba.

Vitani’s mouth hung open.

Clea was crying.

Belee was about to cry.

The others all didn’t know what to do.

Simba died.

The Cheetah Boys cackled into the moonlight.

After the cackle, Nafsi ran up to Nala.

He growled.“Make US king or else we will kill everyone you love!”  Nafsi Demanded. 

Nala nodded fastly.

Nala was trembling in fear.

Nala whimpered and ran out of Pride rock.

The Cheetah Boys howled in laughter.

“This is our Pride now…” Ja stated.

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