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Title Chapter One
Creator Chumvi and Ginny
Main Character N/A
Other Characters N/A

Simba's tail twitched as he gazed at Sol and Mapu. 

"I wish to mingle with your pride," Sol said coolly. 

Mapu growled softly. Simba nodded tensely.  

He flicked his tail towards Nala.

"This is my mate Nala," He said. 

Sol nodded politely at Nala.

Simba moved over to where Kopa, Kiara, and Kion were standing. 

"These are my sons Kopa and Kion, and my daughter Kiara" He continued. 

Sol's eyes lingered on Kion before flickering back to Simba. 

Mapu's tail twitched. 

Vitani and Clea exchanged a glance with Kiara before flattening their bodies over Belee, Kia, Kenai, and Denahi. 

Simba gestured to Rafiki. "This is our shaman Rafiki and his apprentice Nita" He went on. 

Vitani's body tensed as Nita's name was mentioned.

"Mapu and I have urgent news to share with Rafiki," Sol said.   

Simba exchanged an alarmed glance with Nala. 

Then he turned back to Mapu. 

"I give permission to share whatever knowledge you have with my shaman," He said.  

Mapu dipped his head respectfully. 

"Thank You your majesty," He said.

Rafiki stepped forward and began to walk to Mapu and Sol. 

Nita followed hesitantly. Simba reached out a paw and blocked Nita's way. 

"Honey, listen if you feel scared or uncomfortable, come back home" He murmured. 

Nita nodded. "Yes Papa," She said.

Simba released her and Nita bounded over to Rafiki. 

Mapu glanced at Simba curiously. 

"Is She your kin?" He asked. 

Simba cleared his throat. Sarabi spoke up suddenly.

"She's my niece, my younger sister's daughter," She said. 

Behind her, Vitani breathed a sigh of relief. Mapu nodded and began to lead the way to The Meadow.  

Once They'd reached The Meadow, they settled down. "What is this knowledge you wish to share with me?" Rafiki asked. 

Mapu and Sol exchanged a glance.

"A great danger is going to be thrust upon the Pridelands" Sol announced.

Rafiki and Nita exchanged a glance. "What sort of danger?" Rafiki asked. 

Sol shifted and leaned closer. 

"Three Outsiders will overthrow King Simba and take the throne" He whispered. 

Nita stiffened and struggled not to cry out.

Rafiki sighed and glanced up at Silverpelt.

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