Dedicated to: NewMarioFan65

It was a month after the Royal Family left.

The Pridelanders were starving.

Bozaa was one of those Pridelanders.

Bozaa was different though.

He was a hyena.

He was adopted by two loving lions, Sita and Mahiri.

Bozaa was an adult at this time.

He was walking through the meadow.

He was scavenging for food.

He suddenly bumped into a lion.

“Hello?” The lion asked.

Bozaa wasn’t watching where he was going. He looked up to see Nazir.

Nazir is the (Former) Prince of Priderock.

Bozaa’s eyes turned huge.

Bozaa knew this guy was the (Former) prince.

He didn’t want to upset the prince.

“OH! Hi!” Bozaa pleaded.

Nazir looked down at Bozaa’s ribs.

“What happened to you?” Nair tilted his head.

“Ever since the Cheetah Boys became the kings, they hogged all the food”

Nazir nodded.

“I better get father….”

Nazir’s father was Kion.

His mother was Fuli. Bozaa nodded.

His stomach growled.

Nazir smiled.

“You need food?” Nazir asked.

Bozaa nodded.

Nazir said “Follow me”.

Bozaa did.

Bozaa followed him to a beautiful place.

The place had a flowing waterfall.

Bozaa looked up at Silverpelt.

“Silverpelt, please don’t let them hurt me..”

Bozaa smiled and looked back down.

He saw two brown meerkats, Mody and Dacey.

He smiled at them.

He saw the royal family.

The strange thing was that Nala wasn’t there….

“Where is Nala?” He asked Dehani.

“Oh...Grandmother Nala….She um-died” He spat.

Bozaa frowned.

He didn’t know that.

“How did she die?” 

“She-um- died because The Cheetah Boys murdered her”

Bozaa was furious.

“How could they do this?” Bozaa thought.

He wanted to kill the Cheetah Boys.

They had taken his son, Enye. Bozaa ran over to Nazir.

“Nazir! Can you help me with my son, Eyne?” Bozaa asked.

“Sure, What about him?” Nazir asked.

“The Cheetah Boys took him…” 

Nazir nodded and walked over to Mody and Dacey.

“Do you know this ‘Eyne’ character?” He asked them

Mody and Dacey both exchanged glances.

“Yes, He attacks are colony!” Dacey replied.

Mody and Dacey were visiting the Royal Family.

Nazir nodded.

“Still, you know where he is, right?” He asked.

“Yes, we can show you…” Dacey replied.

Dacey and Mody motioned Bozaa “Come here”. They walked to the Pridelands.

“Why did you have to say yes?!” Mody complained as they were walking to Priderock.

“Calm down Mody, we’re here”

Bozaa saw Eyne and the Cheetah Boys.

He ran up to Priderock.

“Eyne!” He said.

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