The Outsider Boys are a group of three male lions that lives in the Outlands. They are the fan-made characters by MarioFan65 and appears as one of the antagonists in The Lion King 2½: Timon's Colony.


Their names are unknown but the first one is the leader of the group,. They dislike the pridelanders since they were exiled because of Kopa's death from Zira. In the past, Zira sent the boys to attack Timon and Monti, but they tired to find them but when the two meerkats popped out, they fight Monti and Fred while Zira fights Timon. At the end of the story, the boys are known to have the animals join to see Kiara and Kovu's wedding.



  • Like the hyenas, they are known to be killing meerkats instead of eating them.
  • Them, Kovu, and Nuka are the only Outsiders that are male.

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