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Title: The One and Only Kifo
Creator: PenelopeTheShihTzu
Main Character: Kifo
Other Characters: Mbaya, Gumu, Maliki, Weza

The One and Only Kifo is a fanfic created by PenelopeTheShihTzu. It tells about the funeral made when everyone thought Kifo was dead.


Coming soon.


  • Kifo 
  • Jasiri 
  • Mti
  • Mbaya 
  • Gumu
  • Maliki
  • Weza
  • Mosi
  • Zeru-Zeru


  • PenelopeTheShihTzu was given permission by Chumvi to write this fanfic. Go to her message wall and Penelope will prove it.

While you are there, Chumvi will try to fool you into thinking you have got 1,000,000 points and a 'CHUMVI' badge. DON'T CLICK SEE MORE, as it will show you an evil face (probably Zira).

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