Kovu and Kopa were all alone. It was scary. "Where are we?" Asked Kopa. "I dunno," Awnsered Kovu, "It seems we're nearing the visitor center. I hear something like a jeep." Then, They heard something. "In the bushes." Yelled Kovu.

"Wait," Said Kopa, "I can......." They both hid in the bushes until they saw a jeep. "Thank God!" Said Kovu. "What Happened?" Asked the warden. "The Rex grabbed the fence. Then he ripped it off the poles." "Wheres the Lawyer?" Asked Nala. "He died. Timon Regis too." "Yikes." Said the Vet. "I know. But something seemed..." "No, Look!" Up ahead they saw a clearing, And in it was a dead dinosaur. And an Allosauris was eating it. "Oh Shtick" Said Nala. It looked at them. " His vision is entirely motion senseing." Said the Vet. "Soo..." "Stay Still." It turned and walked away. "Okay, I've just about had enouge. I want to go home." Cried Kopa. The vet laughed, "Yeah, But until we get the computers to tell us whats wrong. We ain't goin' nowhere."

It was quiet around the Visitor center, Kiara had nearly fallen asleep until everyone came in the room and lay simba on a table. "Jees, What happened?" She asked. "A...Uh... T Rex got him." Said the Vet. "We're tryen to shock him back, or such. I don't know that much about medics, except for Dinosaurs." "How did it get out?" She asked. No one awnsered. "You mean theres a.... Out side?" "Yup." Awnsered Kovu. "Just about" Said Nala. "I wanna leave. Now!" Said Kiara. "No! Wait!" Called the Vet. He passed a doorway that she walked past, And a Raptor jumped out and slashed his chest. Scar and Nala tryed to get the raptor out, And close the doors. When they did they examend the Vets chest. "Its...Al right. I'll be fine." He said.

Continued in part 6

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