Chapter 1 is the first chapter of The Lion King meets Happy Feet by SammyChance.

This chapter is called "Happy Feet finds out about The Lion King".


(In the morning at Antartica, Mumble was practicing some of his tap-dances.)

  • Mumble: Perfect, My tap-dancing is getting better and Gloria, check this one.

(Gloria looks at Mumble tap-dancing)

  • Gloria: Tap-dancing?
  • Mumble: *pauses at himself and looks at Gloria*It's just a dance and not singing
  • Gloria: Oh, sorry of about that one before when I knew you could not sing
  • Mumble: *asked* Gloria, would you like me to teach you to dance? Because I know all kinds of them
  • Gloria: Yes and I know I will love it!
  • Mumble: Alright and let's do it

(Gloria is doing great on tap-dancing as Mumble begins to teach her. They perform each other for 5 minutes when Seymour shows up.)

  • Mumble: Hello, Seymour, It's so good to see you

(For a second, Mumble sees Seymour when he saw him.)

  • Mumble: Seymour?
  • Seymour: Hello, Mumble, it is so great to see you
  • Mumble: You too, and do you want to play with me and Gloria?
  • Seymour: Thank You and I will, also I have something for three of us and we are going to love it
  • Mumble: Um.....................A Story about us or you
  • Seymour: No, we're gonna watch the best film of the animated movies "The Lion King"

(They go to Mumble's house and he puts the VHS Stereo on as they sit and have food and drinks. The movie was about to start and they watched the beginning.)

  • Mumble: Why is the sun coming up when the movie is playing?
  • Seymour: I don't know and there are animals watching it
  • Gloria: Well, boys, let's watch it to find out

(Minutes later, they were watching a scene with Scar singing "Be Prepared")*Gloria: *worried* Boys, I'm scared and the film was sort of evil.)

  • Mumble: It looks alright to me and it was just a lion fooling a hyena named Ed
  • Seymour: He never talks and just keeps laughing
  • Gloria: He laughs all the time he wants
  • Mumble: OK and let's continue watching it

(One hour later, they watched a scene where Scar was hanging Simba on the edge of Pride Rock.)

  • Seymour: The lightning already showed up and the flames have arrived

(37 seconds later, the battle have began.)

  • Gloria: TURN IT OFF NOW!

(Mumble and Seymor stooped the film for unknown reasons.)

  • Seymour: The Alien Filmakers who made this film thanks. We got to find a way to stop all the characters from the movie, right now.)
  • Mumble: I'm with you
  • Gloria: Me, three

To Be Continued

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