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Title The Lion King V : Outsiders Inside
Creator Stupidhead1836
Main Character Kiara
Other Characters TBA

It is the Dry Season in the Pridelands. Pride Rock is bathed in the mid-day sun. As the time passes, Kiara, clearly upset, steps out onto the Speech Stone, followed by Nala, attempting to comfort her.

Kiara : (angered) Why would he do this?!

Nala : (confused about Kiara's anger) He's only spoken to them once. That doesn't necessarily mean he will befriend them.

Kiara : (further angered) He seemed very friendly when he did speak. He sounded as if he just welcomed them in without consulting anyone else!

Nala : (still attempting to comfort Kiara) He was likely just acting.

Kiara : Didn't look like acting.

Nala : Kiara! (Kiara shuts up and turns to face her mother) I know you're upset, but that was days ago. They might be gone.

Kiara : I'll be happier than ever if they are.

Gunshots are heard followed by a chant.

Kiara : (angered) Nope, they're still here.

Nala : I had hoped they would.

A voice is heard.

???? : And that's what ya get for stealin' me zebra.

Another voice is heard.

???? 2 : That was my zebra from the start. How could I have stolen her.

???? : Becau- That was a lassie zebra?

???? 2 : Yes. I'm surprised you couldn't tell.

???? : I don't even want to know how you tell a lad from a wee lassie.

???? 2 : It's not that difficult when you're a zebra expert.

???? : Are you a zebra expert?

???? 2 : uh... No, not really.

???? : See? I told ya you were a wee lassie.

???? 2 : That's the last time you call me that.

???? : Lassie, lassie, lassie.

The owners of the voices poke from the grass. Both are brown dogs with pointed ears. They both wear a helmet that resembles a safari hat and a red coat with long sleeves and cross-belts. They also seem to have a silver stick with wood attached to the end and underside. The second one has both eyes exposed while the first one wears an eye-patch.

Dog 2 : I don't even know why we're arguing like this.

Dog 1 : Yeah. Imagine if we said all that in front of the bloody princess.

They both look to see Kiara and Nala standing on Pride Rock looking at them in amusement.

Dog 1 : Speak of the devil.

Both dogs smile innocently.

Nala : May I ask what you were doing here?

Dog 2 : (pointing at Dog 1) Chick 'ere shot my zebra.

Chick : That was originally mine, Collins!

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