Chapter 2 is the second chapter of The Lion King IV: Subira's Beginning by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "A Journey Tour".


(On their way to the Water Hole, Subira and Jengo were walking together as they can find water as Zazu comes by landing)

  • Zazu: Kids, where are you going?
  • Subira: We're going to the Water Hole.
  • Zazu: Well, without your parents, you should get killed by a Outlander.
  • Jengo: But all of the Outlanders joined the Pride Lands for a long time but Zira is already killed by a log.
  • Zazu: I know, in a river. So, there is a pride similar to the Outlands and located near the meerkat colony Timon used to went.
  • Jengo: Who's Timon?
  • Subira: A lion like us
  • Zazu: No. He's a meerkat. He has three friends named Pumbaa, Mody and Dacey. Pumbaa is a warthog and Mody and Dacey are meerkat brothers.
  • Subira: Oh.
  • Jengo: I know all of them.

(In the Water Hole, they have made it)

  • Zazu: So, this is the Water Hole. Simba and Nala used to bother me there when they were cubs. *Subira: Yep, this is where you can get water.
  • Jengo: It's kinda fun.
  • Zazu: Okay kids. Be safe. I will get Timon, Pumbaa, Mody and Dacey for you.
  • Subira: Alright.
  • Jengo: Come on Subira, it's going to be fun.
  • Subira: Okay.

(Back at Pride Rock)

  • Mody: Okay, grubs, fruits, vegetables, and many more.
  • Dacey: Vegetables? We don't eat vegetables.
  • Timon: Oh hello boys, what brings you here?
  • Mody: We are just setting up camp.
  • Pumbaa: Camp? I don't think we should set up camp at Pride Rock.
  • Dacey: What about here? *see a broken cave, Timon and Pumbaa used to went*
  • Timon: Oh, that cave is used for our dream home until a pack of singing animals ruined it.
  • Pumbaa: Yep and our Hakuna Matata is our funtime when we needed to.
  • Dacey: We have been looking for you for years.
  • Timon: Oh great. You brothers can be always good.
  • Mody: You say?
  • Dacey: That's just great.
  • Timon: Thanks.
  • Dacey: Good for you Timon. Especially you Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: Thanks man.
  • Mody: You're welcome.
  • Dacey: How about we hang out?
  • Mody: Sure. Let's go. We don't have enough time today.
  • Timon: Okay then, no worries.


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