"The monkey is his uncle?"
This story is a fanfiction, which may mean it is a theory of what might have or might happen. You might be surprised by the author's view.


Title Subira's Beginning
Creator MarioFan65
Main Character Subira and Jengo
Other Characters Kiara, Kovu, Kopa, Vitani, Simba, Nala, Timon, Mody, Dacey, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafifi, and others.

The Lion King IV: Subira's Beginning is a fan-fiction story written by MarioFan65. This story is a sequel to The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.




  • A scene where Jengo licks Mody when they enter the Asis Pride, it was used for a base of Simba licking Timon by SunnytheHedgehog but the creation was made on MarioFan65's deviantART account.
  • The Lion Guard did not appear in the story. It's unknown where we were during the events of the story.


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