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Title: The Lion King III: Guard Buddies
Creator: PenelopeTheShihTzu
Main Characters: Kion, Saba, Ali

Other Characters: Kiara, Kopa, Simba, Nala 

Release Date: Christmas Day 2015

Running Time: 70 mins

Rating: G

The Lion King IV: Guard Buddies (also known as The Lion King V: Super-Heroes) is a fanfiction created by PenelopeTheShihTzu. It is a TV special.

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Part 1

Kion and The Lion Guard are protecting the Pridelands. Saba quietly runs into the Outlands, with crocodiles surrounding an Outsider lion cub. The cub cries for help, and Saba shields him in a corner. When Ali and Saba are cornered by crocodiles, Kion saves them by using the Roar Of The Elders.

Kion asks where Ali's parents are, but Ali tells Kion he is an orphan, who lost not only his parents but also his adolescent sister in a hurricane. Ali's aunt, Kareena appears and tells her nephew she will take care of him.

Part 2

Kion tells Saba that she is now co-leader of The Lion Guard, and then greets Bunga, Fuli, Beshte and Ono. Kopa, Kiara, Simba and Nal asee the entire thing, with Simba telling Kion that there was no such things as co-leaders in The Lion Guard, but Kion assurs his father that 'it's gonna be fine'. Nala begs Simba for Saba to be co-leader, to which Simba replies 'Fine, I guess'. 

Meanwhile, Kareena and Ali are arguing whether Kovu could be king of The Pridelands or the Outlands. 'The Lion Guard will see this trough' Kareena whispers as she storms off.

Years later, with Kion, Saba and the ther cubs now adults, Saba runs into an adult Ali, and they play-fight. They then accidentally kiss and fall in love.

Part 3

Ali isn't sure whether or not he should stay with Kareena or be part of the Pridelands, but Simba and Nala are refusing to let him in the Pridelands, but Kopa, Kiara, Kion and Saba are pleading their parents to let him stay. Simba and Nala whisper 'yes' and he, along with Saba, become co-leaders of The Lion Guard.


  • This is also a midquel of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
  • This is the first The Lion King film not to feature Timon and Pumbaa.
  • This is the first The Lion King film to feature The Lion Guard animation.
  • The title is a parody of Air Buddies. Most notably, the most recent Air Buddies movie, Super Buddies.

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