Title: The Lion King IV: Beginnings  || 

Creator: Penelope The ShihTzu
Main Character: Mohatu

Other Characters: Ahadi, Uru, Mohatu's mate

Release Date: February 19,  2008

Running Time: 73 mins

Rating: G

Animation: Animation from the movies ||

The Lion King III: Beginnings (also known as 'The Lion King IV: Mohatu's Reign') is a fanfic created by PenelopeTheShihTzu. 


Mohatu looks down at the Pridelands as the new king. He smiles at his wife, as she has given birth to Princess Uru. 

Mohatu's mate is killed by crocodiles when Uru is a month old. Uru is left to live with her father.  

When Uru is 9 in lion-years, Mohatu teaches her about The Great Kings of the Past and tells her that he will be one of them one day. 

When Uru is 12 in lion-years, Mohatu lets Uru explore the Pridelands, and she runs into the Marsh Pride. She falls into an overflown waterhole, rescued by another cub named Ahadi. The Marsh pride leader chases Uru out. Mohatu finds her and rescues her.

The next day, Uru and her friend, Mtoto-Wa-Mbwa (meaning 'puppy' in Swahili) go out to a Gorilla Hideaway. The gorillas attack Mtoto-Wa-Mbwa and Uru, but luckily Mohatu saves them once again.

Mohatu finds out that hyenas and lions are a great enemy: they hunt the same animals, they are greedy and always willing to fight with lions, and they are a great treat to cubs-especially little girls, or small, energetic boys who aren't being careful.

When Uru is being attacked by the hyenas, Mohatu kills a few (offscreen) and sends all the others to the border of the Pridelands. There, he turns the border into a gloomy world, known as the Outlands.
Urus family

From left to right: Young Sarabi, Ahadi, Uru, Young Mufasa, Baby Zira, Baby Sarafina, Young Taka/Scar.

5 years later (10 in lion-years), Uru, now a young adult, goes on a hunt. She meets Ahadi and falls in love with him. 

A few months later, she gives birth to Mufasa and Taka/Scar.  

When Mufasa and Taka/Scar are cubs, they encounter many friends: Sarabi, Zira and Sarafina. 

The end credits show Mufasa and Taka/Scar's cubhood.    


  • Billy Ray Cyrus as Mohatu
  • Meibh Campbell as Young Uru
  • Christina Ricci as Adult Uru
  • Alexander Gould as Young Ahadi
  • Patrick Stewart as Adult Ahadi
  • Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings as Hyenas
  • Nickey Jones as Mtoto-Wa-Mbwa
  • Brandon Baerg as Mufasa
  • Noah Johnston as Taka/Scar
  • Andrea Bowen as Sarabi
  • Ashley Peldon as Zira
  • Ariel Winter as Sarafina
  • Vanessa Marshall as Mohatu's mate

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