All the active staff users on the wiki, as well as the founder. If a staff member has not contributed for at least four months, they are considered inactive.

Active Staff Edit

Administrators Edit

NewMarioFan65 Edit

NewMarioFan65 is an active admin.

Theultimatelifeform Edit

Theultimatelifeform is an active admin.

Ginnyharry4ever Edit

Ginny is an active admin.

CanYouFeelTheLoveTonight Edit

Chumvi is an active admin.

Majordomos Edit

ScarsLionGuard Edit

ScarsLionGuard is an active chat moderator.

Chisel's-on-the-way Edit

Chisel's-on-the-way is an active chat moderator.

Inactive Staff Edit

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A Friendly LionEdit

A Friendly Lion is an admin.


Ananasz is an admin.

Songfire Edit

Songfire is an admin.



Nala15 is our founding admin. She is no longer active.